Vibration Festival


  1. The Quick Signup

    Simple, quick, and free. Fill out the form below to become a Voice of Vibration. Then sign up to our closed (support) group on Facebook - Voices of Vibration

  2. Create Waves

    Share the link to your unique ticket page with your family, friends and friends of friends. Every time someone buys a ticket through this page, you earn reward points.

  3. The Big Exchange

    Reap the rewards after creating some big waves. Exchange your points for Vibration Festival tickets, Upgrades, Merchandise, and Hospitality.

  4. The Biggest Voice

    We want to reward the biggest ‘Voices’ on the points leaderboard and these lucky few will get enhanced rewards as a thank you. We will have prizes every month (March/April) and an overall winner.

About Vibration Festival

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